Sage Health
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Thank you for your interest in Sage Health (formerly 'Improving Outcomes').

We are an innovative, independent (private) but fee free Mental Health Service of Credentialed Mental Health Nurses supervised and supported by Dr. Alan Wragg, Consultant Psychiatrist, .  All practitioners and affiliated staff are fully funded by the Federal Government Mental Health Nurse and Better Outcomes Initiatives by Medicare.

We provide tailored assessments and treatment plans that provide a thoughtful holistic approach to the understanding and management of an individual’s psychological difficulties within their personal, family, social and cultural context.

To address each individual’s needs we utilise a multidisciplinary approach that harnesses the strengths of those whom we serve and those of the practitioners that are charged with the responsibility for providing assistance. In this way, we enjoy a rich, flexible and dynamic treatment/ supportive relationships with high levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

We also seek and value the active contribution of local Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) such as NEAMI, MIF,  MIND and WISE Employment to work collaboratively to provide the best possible outcome for individuals especially in terms of their residential, social and creative needs. Our service also directly supports individuals to achieve meaningful engagement in life including a vocation should they wish to return to work after prolonged absence due to psychological illness.

Our service is entirely voluntary and therefore requires sufficient level of engagement to ensure the maintenance of necessary treatment such as medication. All facets of our involvement is by mutual consent, and also invites the involvement and collaboration with family, both as a valuable resource, and also as part of any comprehensive management solution. To address the issue that some individuals have in attending appointments at community clinics as a consequence of their difficulties our service also provides the capacity for outreach. In this way,Sage Health is flexible to the needs of the individual and the means by which they are best delivered to ensure the optimal likelihood of a successful outcome.

Whilst entirely fee free, should an individual require medication as part of the treatment plan this will incur a cost that is usually subsidised by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) resulting in either a cost per prescription of $5.60 for holders of a Health Care Card or $32.90 for all others. These medications can however be obtained at the pharmacy of the individual’s choice.

 To refer any individual to Sage Health there is a contact number and email address located within our brochure that explains the process that includes the completion of a referral form and initial assessment by Improving Outcomes to address suitability. 

All referrals must include discussion and acceptance by the individual concerned and be accompanied by a letter of referral by a GP to access Medicare benefits. 

WelcomeService DescriptionPractitionersReferral ProcessOur HistoryYour Career/ LinksContact UsNews and EventsFile DownloadForum